Study Material

Basic Terminology Heard in Class

Counting to 1 to 10: (during warms ups we will use a call and response counting to 8)

Counting Beyond 10

11. ju-ichi 

20. ni-ju

50. go-ju

56. go-ju-roku

100. hyaku

Washinkan General Warm-Up Format

1) "Rei" - bow

2) "Shinai (w)o to(ku)" - Put the shinai down 

3) Jumping (4x), Up on three/san (4x), down on three/san (4x)

4) Elbow twists, right/left side in both directions

5) Shoulder circles and chest opener (alternating feet step forward) (2x8 - "ichi, ni.....hachi" twice)

6) Reaching to the side stretch (left and right) (8 count x2 per side)

7) Reaching forward and back stretch (8 count x2 per side)

8) "Rock carry" (rotating both directions) (8 count x2 per direction)

9) Hip (groin) stretch (left, right, middle) (8 count x2 per side)

10 Left/Right leg (hamstring, hip flexor) stretch (8 count x2 per side)

11) Lower left/right leg (hamstring, hip flexor) (8 count x2 per side)

12) Knee bends (8 count x2)

13) Knee circles (8 count x2)

14) Left/Right achilles stretch (left arm across - tricep stretch) (8 count x2 per side)

15) Lower left/right achilles stretch (left arm behind head - tricep + lat stretch) (8 count x2 per side)

16) Neck Stretches (left-right, tilt left-right, forward back, half circle) (8 count per direction)

17) Free stretch

18) "Yame" - stop

19) "Shinai (w)o mote" (pick up the shinai)

20) "Rei" - bow

21) Subari training

Striking Areas in Kendo

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Books about Kendo