Annual MEmbership Forms

Returning Members

On an annual basis, existing Washinkan members are asked to pay the National/Regional/and Local dues, review and sign a Liability Waiver, and fill out a registration form. Additionally, if a Zekken is needed, one may be ordered at the bottom of this page.

New Members

Prospective members wishing to join Washinkan who have spoken with and received approval from a Washinkan Head Instructor are asked to complete the following sections on this page: 

1 - Annual National/Regional Dues

For the April 2024 - March 2025 membership year, Washinkan members are asked to pay their National (AUSKF) and Regional (GNEUSKF) fees directly on the AUSKF website, found here: (new site for 2024). Please send confirmation of AUSKF/GNEUSKF annual payment along with your Washinkan registration.

Steps to complete your registration.

While you are in your account, check "Promotions" and ensure your menjo's are displayed. If your most recent menjo is not displayed, it is suggested you upload an image while on the site.

2 - Liability Waiver

2024 Washinkan Participant Release & Assumption of Injury, Risks, and Liability Waiver 

Existing Washinkan members (annually), new students, visitors, and transfers are asked to review, sign, and return our Participant Release & Assumption of Injury, Risks, and Liability Waiver form prior to practicing at Washinkan. For your convenience, there are two versions being provided:

3 - Washinkan Member Registration

Existing Washinkan members (when changes occur), new students, and transfers are asked to complete a Washinkan Registration Form and pay the annual membership fee. This provides Washinkan with the needed contact information and funds for annual Local efforts.

The registration form may be completed via the online form below.

4 - Annual Local Membership Dues

Use of PayPal (below) is optional when making your local annual payment. If you prefer, you may write a check to "Washinkan".

Dojo Members are required to register and pay dues annually for local (Washinkan), regional (GNEUSKF), and national (AUSKF) membership. Local dues cover events and costs that benefit local Washinkan members. Regional and national dues are required for members of local dojos and help cover costs of regional and national promotion (rank) testing, competition, educational seminars, and more.

If you are paying for less than a full year, please see a sensei. 

Optional - zekken Form

Washinkan Zekken Order

Registered members of Washinkan may order a zekken. Please speak to Washinkan head sensei, James Yan Sensei, for approval before ordering. When ordering, we will need your name as you'd like it displayed on your zekken.