Washinkan Kendo


COVID-19 Update, December 28th, 2021.

COVID-19 continues to affect us on a global scale. Thankfully, vaccines are now approved and available for everyone 5 and older. Because high vaccination rates and other efforts in our area have been able to reduce our local transmission rate and because vaccination has been shown to greatly reduce severe illness from COVID-19, Washinkan decided to return to in-person training in July of 2021.

While glad to be training again, we continue to follow the respective community center guidance around COVID-19 and we have taken the additional step to ask each individual to wear a mask for the entirety of class. Please visit the community center websites for current guidance.

New Member training has resumed at both our Spring Hill Rec Center location on Tuesday evenings and at our Herndon Community Center location on Sunday mornings. Please see those community center websites for class registration.

Any questions or concerns about Washinkan should be directed to info@washinkan.org.

Washinkan is a community focused non-profit in the Washington D.C. area. Washinkan instructs all level of kendoka in the martial art of kendo, the way of the sword (also referred to as Japanese fencing). Washinkan’s focus is on teaching traditional kendo to the community at large. Our classes incorporate a wide spectrum of age and skill level and the class structure allows for tailored instruction to our practitioners. Washinkan promotes the art of kendo to foster a better, stronger, more peaceful community.

Contact Washinkan at info@washinkan.org