Washinkan Kendo


COVID-19 Update, March 2, 2022.

The CDC released an update for Covid-19 Friday February 25, 2022, found here (https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2022/t0225-covid-19-update.html) which  expressed a change in focus to, protecting the vulnerable and keeping hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. A major takeaway from their release was a new methodology for calculating community spread. Based on this new methodology, Fairfax and Loudoun counties have updated their mask mandates moving from "mask required" to a "mask optional" stance. With this change in policy at the county levels, Washinkan is adopting a "mask optional" policy for all kendo classes. 

A few points about this new policy:
1) Mask use is still encouraged before, during, and after class.
2) A face shield worn inside the men, either with or without a mask, is still encouraged.
3) GNEUSKF and AUSKF have, as of my knowledge, yet to change their mask policy. Participation in a GNE or AUSKF event would still require mask use 100% of the time. 
4) We will be respectful of each individual's choice.
5) As always, if you are sick, feel as though you may be coming down with something, or are in quarantine, please stay home.

Below is verbiage from each of our training centers regarding their new mask policy.

HCC = February 28, 2022: Based on CDC guidelines and the advice from the regional health directors, effective immediately, the Town of Herndon will no longer require visitors and staff to wear masks in its facilities.

Spring Hill = March 1, 2022: Effective immediately, Fairfax County will no longer require masks for employees and the public in county government facilities. This includes all Park Authority facilities, except specific locations such as where health and medical services are provided. While no longer required, we support mask use by employees and visitors who choose to continue wearing them. Please be respectful of individual choices.

Dulles South = February 26, 2022. Effective immediately, Loudoun County no longer requires members of the public to wear a face mask while inside Loudoun County-owned and -operated facilities. Additionally, the social distancing requirement inside county facilities is also ended.

Any questions or concerns about Washinkan should be directed to info@washinkan.org.

Washinkan is a community focused non-profit in the Washington D.C. area. Washinkan instructs all level of kendoka in the martial art of kendo, the way of the sword (also referred to as Japanese fencing). Washinkan’s focus is on teaching traditional kendo to the community at large. Our classes incorporate a wide spectrum of age and skill level and the class structure allows for tailored instruction to our practitioners. Washinkan promotes the art of kendo to foster a better, stronger, more peaceful community.

Contact Washinkan at info@washinkan.org